MTV EMA 2010 / Live Show Identity


The MTV EMAs is one of the most outstanding musical events of pop music in Europe. For the show identity, we decided to portrait the competition with a balls’ race, featuring speed, adventure, thrill, following the bold and explosive MTV touch. We wanted to make those concepts visible with a three-dimensional net of slides painted with the vibrant colors from the logo’s palette, and making the logo a representation of the competition arena, with several tracks where the balls would compete, but where only one can win.

Some more info and “making of” on this project can be found in the press release. [Click here to download]





Direction and Art Direction: Dvein

Client: MTV World Design Studio
Concept: MTV World Design Studio Milano & Dvein

Production Co.: 8 de Agosto
Executive producer: Carolina López
Producers: Ico Romero & Sergi Roda

Character Rigging: Hugo García
Animation: Hugo García, Bernardo González, Physalia Studio, Dvein
Post-production: Physalia Studio, Dvein, Bernardo González, Alba Ribera & María Anton
Illustration & Graphics: Superexpresso
Music and Sound Design: Alejandro Candela at Flowaudio