National Geographic / TV Channel Idents

The idea of the campaign was "Think Again". Try to change the point of view of the viewer when they see something, so the aim was to create metaphors out of usual objects as a gummy, a screw, a sponge or a dandelion. They gave us a board with four of these ideas and we loved the concept.

Creatively, the most interesting point of this project was to create a metaphor out of usual objects not cheating. Gummy bear should look like a living body, but at the same time nothing in it can move, Sponge should look like a dense vegetation area, but there shouldn't be animals or creatures. This was the most interesting thing for the project.

Technically we were pushed to have the most high level of realism in the images, so we experimented a lot with real textures, making pictures and researching to look for the correct look and feel for the project.


Direction & Animation: Dvein

Client: Fox International Channels

Music: Antfood