Xcèntric / Opening Titles

Xcèntric is an organisation of the CCCB (Contemporary Culture Centre in Barcelona) that pursues the conservation and distribution of the experimental cinema. They organised an exhibition of experimental spanish cinema named "Del Éxtasis al Arrebato. 50 años del "otro" cine español" ("From ecstasy to rapture. 50 years of the "other" spanish cinema). We were invited to create and participate in this travelling exhibition creating the opening titles for each of six exhibit sections.

The pieces try to be an abstraction of the exhibition’s content, one for every section. Every one of it approaches different subjects, like working with paintand plastic materials at cinema, the use of found footage or old technologies like Super8. The aim was synthesizing the spirit of those little pieces in small visual poems. The initial reference was the catalan poet Joan Brossa, and trying to propose visual compositions that could refer the works screened at the exhibition. We also developed these incredible machines too to talk about the over-technified cinema processes which, at the same time, help to build its beauty. 


Direction & Animation: Dvein

Client: CCCB

Music: Dvein