Odisea / TV Channel Promos


Odisea is an Spanish and Portuguese documentary channel which contacted us to help them re-launch a unique positioning to distinguish the channel through an own and powerful brand. The first idea was working with the concept “See your world differently”, another facet of the reality where things that you don’t previously know happen and where the audience can come to its own conclusions.

There were also other concepts that we wanted to show: strength, vitality, movement and, among the others, curiosity and surprise. The aim was to take advantage of the semantic richness that “documentary” implies: adventure, experiment, discovery… We tried to link all these with the channel’s logo, inspired in the natural organic world (conches, constellations, whirls) and the great human inventions (propellers, mills) but adding an emotional bond.

It was a whole bunch of concepts that we wanted to make visible, and we came to the idea of joining them in only one element, a periscope. The periscope, because of its design, it’s at the same time technological and antique, reminding us of the history documentaries. Half machine, half character, symbolizes a very important feature: it’s an observer, the alter ego of the audience, who searches around a common scenario to find other realities that maybe go usually unnoticed.

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Direction & Art Direction: Dvein
Character design: Dvein
Modelling: Dvein

Client: Chello Multicanal
Executive Producer: Teresa Aguirre
Creative director: Ramón Verdet

Production Co.: 8 de Agosto
Executive Producer: Carolina López
Producer: Theresa Lucas

Live Action Crew
Production manager: Ernest Gual
Production assistant: Lluís Folch
D.O.P.: Dani Robles
SFX: Oriol Tarrida at NASA FX

Post-production & VFX: Vando
Producer: Ignasi Céspedes
Texturing: Javier Leon
Character Setup: Hugo Garcia
Character Animator: Hugo Garcia
Lighting and Rendering: Javier Leon, Kepa Casado
Tracking: Kepa Casado

Compositing: Lluïsa Cuchillo

Music & Sound Design: Antfood



Direction & Art Direction: Dvein
Character design: Dvein
Modelling: Dvein

Client: Chello Multicanal
Executive Producer: Teresa Aguirre
Creative director: Ramón Verdet

Production Co.: 8 de Agosto
Producer: Sergi Roda

Live Action Crew
Production manager: Anna Mayolas
Production assistant: Cristina Guasch
D.O.P.: Alejandro Oset
Art Direction: Maria Puig

Post-production & VFX: Vando

Music & Sound Design: Antfood